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*Breaking Aquarium News*

They are all still alive \o/

“They” is a different configuration from the last time I posted. We have since added to the tank:

2 x zebra snails – one of which I thought was very dead at the weekend but is revived
2 x angelfish

There is a fisherman’s tale attached to the acquiring of the angelfish that goes a bit like this.

There is a shop up the road that we bought the tank and first fish from. The man in there is a great expert and not a little bit scary. He would never, ever have sold us angelfish because they are not a beginner’s fish. Plus the tank would be a bit on the skimpy side when they grow, which they do because they are greedy bastards.

I was being a good and compliant little fish keeper, following all the rules and only considering adding fish from the yellow stickered tanks containing hardy fish for thick feckers just starting out in their tank keeping career i.e. fish it is quite hard to kill.

The Guv’nor, almost instantly bored with poor Black Skirt Tetras Mini and RaRa (he’s an inveterate thrill-seeker you know) took himself off to a different shop with a compliant child and told all sorts of fibs to procure himself two angelfish. The fattest lie of all was when he said that the tank was twice as big as it is. A fisherman thing surely.

So a pair of angelfish came back and are most interesting. Of course we should not have a pair really because they can be aggressive and we definitely have a dominant one (bully) that squares up to the smaller one when food is about. The upside is that the little fish have stopped their permanent rock-hiding-behind rota. The angelfish are friendly, they come over to say Hi when you go over to the tank. On the other hand the silver one is probably saying Give me food or you will die sucker, but you can’t have it all.

Strangely the small one is quite happy to pose for snaps. The other Bully Boy, called Amazon, persistently turns his/her back on the camera. If I turn the camera, it turns its body away again. I will keep trying. In the meantime this is the nice one.


NB – Fish Photography is v hard 😩

But I will practise!