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Noel Martin whose horse won the 1000 Guineas

Before the stewards took it away in the room that applies the Rules of Racing in a less than equitable way at times.

I am sure Khalid Abdullah would have got over the disappointment.

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A Sunday Horror Scope

By Rick Levine
The Moon’s conjunction with your key planet Pluto can heat up your emotional core. It’s as if you are a volcano whose internal pressure has been increasing and it’s a good idea to consider how to let the lava flow without waiting for an inevitable eruption. Take responsibility for your feelings without spewing them onto others. But remember that exerting too much self-control can intensify your emotions. When in doubt, choose the most practical approach for now.

This time last week I was dreading Monday. It turned out Monday was worth dreading. And so was Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Saturday promised much and delivered only a little by way of each way compensation and as for today…

Well I had a lovely day out, but, how could those rotten stewards take away the 1000 Guineas from Jacqueline Quest? I had no pecuniary interest by this point having fallen head over heels for Seta, but Henry Cecil and Noel Martin should have kept the race. The filly was named after Mr Martin’s late wife, that was a story. There’s more, including how Mr Martin is stuck in a wheelchair after a Neo-Nazi attack. Now we have a story, but the wrong one.

I’ll stop there now as I don’t want to spew forth any more of my volcanic eruptions onto the blog’s unsuspecting passing traffic. I also need to stop and work out how I “choose the most practical approach” for letting the lava flow.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Move aside before you turn to pumice.

Jacqueline Quest nearside / Special Duty

Mother Hubbard

Just a postscript to yesterday’s turn up: Dubawi is the only stallion by Sheikh Mo’s late beloved Dubai Millenium, so to sire a Classic winner with his first three year olds is a great achievement that will do wonders for his stud career. I saw Dubawi at the Darley stud in his first year of stud duties and he was a cheeky, chippy sort of chap. I can be happy about that.

The kids are going through a phase of calling me Mother Hubbard. There has been no mention of “Old” which is just as well! I have tested the theory of empty shelves on them in case it was a further slight on my domestic abilities, but they were *unaware of the dog and no bone connotation and therefore unlikely to extrapolate it to there never being much food in the fridge round here. If they had gone down that route I would have stood firm with the protestation that if it’s there, they just eat it thus rendering the shelves empty anyway…

I am playing a dangerous game today in the motherhood stakes. I am attempting to persuade them that an afternoon of Suffolk fresh air is just what they need. I last took them to HQ for Champion Stakes day a few years ago. The youngest was one year old and due to lack of sleep (!) I failed to pick a winner. The winners I failed to pick included Sir Percy in the Dewhurst, Sergeant Cecil in the Cesarewitch and Spanish Don at 100/1. It was a name day theme and I think that persistent underachiever trained by Brian Meehan called David Junior also featured. In order to conduct a paddock inspection I had the youngest strapped to my back in some kind of metal-framed papoose. Sorry if you were behind me that day.

Anyway, all this is a preamble to say: how can I preview the 1000 Guineas? It’s been raining overnight and the ground has eased to good/good to soft in places. It’s still forecast for light showers so by 2 p.m. we might be looking at soft. Either way, I don’t fancy Special Duty.

A look at the card tells me that I will also be renewing my long-standing and unprofitable Rowley Mile acquaintance with Spacious and that I will be closely examining her rivals Sariska and Strawberry Daiquiri on that basis alone…

As it stands the kids are being refuseniks. I have sold the dressing up angle hard (they are girls after all) and the oldest said “Yes I’ll dress up as a little witch and you (me) can dress up as a cat”. She was being sarcastic. Is the Rowley Mile ready for a makemeadiva appearance dressed as a cat? I think not.

So depending how bribery and persusion go I might get there, or not. My fancies for the day are:

Sariska in the Dahlia (maybe Strawberry Daiquiri)
Yarooh (big, big fancy in the 4.30 maiden)
Classic Vintage (not my fancy but borrowed – think ground should still be ok)

I am still trying to find a 1000 Guineas filly and I can only say that, if the ground continues to go, any close paddock inspection (without a child strapped to my back) will be of the following:

Seta, Misheer, Lady Darshaan, Pipette and Pollenator.

Sariska takes the Irish Oaks last year

*they are taking their inspiration from the Janet and Allan Ahlberg “Each Peach, Pear, Plum” illustrated classic for pre-readers.

My lurcher takes his repose

The dude Rudi (spookily after Rembrandt)

The dude Rudi (spookily after Rembrandt)


This week I will have to go to work, but I am going to be thinking greyhounds for Friday night and classic horses for the weekend on the Rowley Mile.

The burning questions of the moment are:-

  • Will Delegator take his chance – or are the Craven backbiters taking effect
  • Will I show up on Sunday and is the “bizarre” betting a bad sign for Rainbow View
  • Does Rip van Winkle have flat feet (hence the propensity for stone bruises)
  • Will my friend be ante-post quids in (relying on the Mastercraftsman there)
  • Will I be able to maintain my record in picking the 1000 Guineas winner!

Patience my friends, all will become clear šŸ˜‰

For reference purposes - a Rembrandt

For reference purposes - a Rembrandt