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Hackney: not just my preoccupation

It’s funny how related things all come into your life (apparently unbidden) in a short space of time. I bought a book, I mentioned it here – Iain Sinclair’s Hackney, that rose-red empire. I started reading it. Then on a different quest I looked at the blog of an artist living in France. She mentioned Stephen Gill, a photographer who I linked to last week re his Series of Disappointments. Subsequently, I turned the page of the book and there is Iain Sinclair writing about Stephen Gill…

In the meantime, a kind friend, booked tickets for last night’s Metal Salon hosted by Rachel Lichtenstein (Rodinsky’s Room). A fascinating evening, it introduced us to the work of oral historian, Alan Dein. And when I got home I looked at Alan’s Speechification site which pulled together all the loose ends and linked to this the Hackney Podcasts featuring all the above-named under one amazing roof.

Recommended: Stephen Gill’s description of how he put together the Series of Disappointments collection in Edition 15. This is not just any old podcast, this is a Sony award winning Internet radio site!

by Stephen Gill