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Eye Street Level

Or look up at the blue?

Taken from inside of one of my favourite buildings; the Brutalist construction formerly known as Southend Central Library, now housing the Beecroft Gallery. All the books have gone downtown (minus Petula Clark).

It was the end of an era.


Gaudi, Barcelona

A dear friend just returned from a weekend visit and I was lucky enough to get Spanish biscuits, la galleta, and chocolate, el chocolate.  Of course a lot of her weekend was taken up with Gaudi architecture and, looking at all her photos, I was very struck by all the natural forms and the tactile nature of the materials.  I think this is a detail from exterior of the Gaudi museum and it truly is a very sensual thing of beauty, something that most architecture with all its hard edges and angles does not often achieve. I asked if I could use this photo on the blog because I love it.

It beautifully captures the quality of architecture that is not just provocative, but evocative.


Photo by K. Moore

Photo by K. Moore