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That title says ‘Michelangelo’ in Armenian. Ain’t the internet a wonderful place? I don’t recall the blog having any Armenian visitors before. Today we had two.

I don’t whether Michelangelo is big in Armenia, but why not. After all, he wasn’t just a painter and sculptor either. He used to doodle and scribble words and lists on his drawings: mundane notes like shopping lists and bills and profundities such as “Desire engenders desire and then leaves pain”.

Here’s a poem by him, translated by John Addington Symonds.

Celestial Love by Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564)

O mortal thing enthralled these longing eyes
When perfect peace in thy fair face I found;
But far within, where all is holy ground,
My soul felt Love, her comrade of the skies:
For she was born with God in Paradise;
Nor all the shows of beauty shed around
This fair false world her wings to earth have bound:
Unto the Love of Loves aloft she flies.
Nay, things that suffer death, quench not the fire
Of deathless spirits; nor eternity
Serves sordid Time, that withers all things rare.
Not love but lawless impulse is desire:
That slays the soul; our love makes still more fair
Our friends on earth, fairer in death on high.