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The arrow of time

in physics, is forward moving, linear.

It governs why we can make an omelette with eggs, but never an egg out of an omelette: the arrow of time is irreversible. But, mysteriously, within that total irreversibility of forward-moving time, lie totally reversible physical processes.

As humans, we collude with the arrow of time, mainly living lives in a linear fashion. But not always. Within us, is the possibility of living off that track. It happens sometimes; we stop thinking about the next thing on the list of our day and we start to inhabit our world in a more lateral way, taking up space and time, backwards, forwards, *up, down and all around too.

And when we come to consider things, people and events should we try to discard the driving linear force of the arrow of time, and perhaps try to apply a more holistic appraisal of the possibilities of our very three-dimensional lives, lived in a remarkably non-linear fashion.

*see Whitney Houston’s song ‘Million Dollar Bill’, a denomination surely possible with the arrow of time and current inflation.

Entropy: something undeniable and impossible to contain, or write about, unless you are a scientist.