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Don’t know what it’s called, but I like it

The sharp-eyed finkywink, a regular blog visitor and owner, spotted one of these graffiti arts peeling off behind the mound of rubble in a photograph I posted earlier this week. I have therefore entertained her curiosity with another photograph of a different one, on the same building.

The building is a rather nice Arts & Crafts single storey effort which I think is owned by the council and has been boarded for the nigh-on-five years I’ve been living here. Some while ago the artist pasted up a series of these posters, made from cuts in paper. I liked them then and now they are becoming quite distressed, I like them even more.

If there is a technical term for this type of thing perhaps someone will drop by and let us know. If not, it matters not. You either like something or you don’t; what it is called is sometimes not at all important.