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Flaking Paint Box Wood

I found this a few weeks ago on a dog walk, stuffed in some bamboo. It came home muddy, minus the slug I scraped off. I had intended to clean it a little and photo, but time passed, as it does, and when I got round to it yesterday, much of the paint that was left on the lower section had flaked off.

There are reasons I do this. It’s just that, at the moment, I can’t articulate them really.

Does it make sense without a rationale? Are things ‘better’ with a statement of intention? Yes, probably and no, probably. It’s something to do with accessibility maybe. Who the hell knows.


Opposable Thumb Things

This is, according to the eldest, what Pandas have in place of a regular sixth digit. They have, she knowledgeably informed me, developed something approximating to the hands of a primate (with that sixth thumb thing which would have seen them tried as witches in Essex in the 17th century).

That’s nice darling, I said, remarking additionally what a marvellous thing evolution is. She then said she thought bamboo was a bit tough to eat, even with two opposable thumb things on the case.

There was no answer to this except that perhaps Pandas also carry a Swiss Army knife.

Opposable thumb things at work