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A surrealist telephone conversation

Me: Hello

Dad: Hello. You know he’s left then?

Me: No (do not mention I cannot see into alternate realities (yet))

Dad: Did he leave some bananas here?

Me: I don’t know (see alternate realities: bunch of bananas section)

Dad: Well, if not, that means we have a mysterious banana leaver coming in here… and… leaving bananas…

Me: Ummm

Me: Do you want to take them then? (give me a break – I’m working with what I’ve got)

Dad: No I don’t want bananas! (*with feeling* I knew he didn’t like melon much, but I had no idea about this banana hatred)

Me: Oh

Me: Hmmmm

Me: Dad, this is a rather surreal conversation y’know

Dad: *laughs* I suppose it is. Ok, well see you soon *slams phone down as per familial MO*

There was a brief interlude about wardrobes, but that would just confuse matters further.

Were you born pre 1965? Then I blame you…

I’m holding the disco moment until after I’ve jumped a ride on the roof of the Tuesday morning zeitgest gravy train.

According to Neil Boorman and It’s All Their Fault over 45s can be blamed for many of society’s current ills.

They, and you know who you are, have enjoyed free education, cheaper housing and better access to jobs whilst consuming oil, emitting carbon and ruining the planet.

In short, Mr Boorman says the Baby Boomers are the richest and most powerful generation that ever lived.

Oh and it’s pouring here: I expect that’s your fault too if you’re over 45.

Is this a Banksy?

Today I will be eating a goose lunch in Suffolk. This time last week, in the absence of a turkey lunch to cook, I was wandering the streets of London with Rudi. We started our wanderings in Barnes and then had more of them in Hackney. No prizes for guessing where I took this. By the time we had removed to Snaresbrook and then home to Southend he was starting to develop an aversion to walks.

Today we will be going to Suffolk via Hackney. Perhaps I should invest in some maps and charts.

Anyway I just wondered about this – I think it’s rather good.