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Gaudi, Barcelona

A dear friend just returned from a weekend visit and I was lucky enough to get Spanish biscuits, la galleta, and chocolate, el chocolate.  Of course a lot of her weekend was taken up with Gaudi architecture and, looking at all her photos, I was very struck by all the natural forms and the tactile nature of the materials.  I think this is a detail from exterior of the Gaudi museum and it truly is a very sensual thing of beauty, something that most architecture with all its hard edges and angles does not often achieve. I asked if I could use this photo on the blog because I love it.

It beautifully captures the quality of architecture that is not just provocative, but evocative.


Photo by K. Moore

Photo by K. Moore

Arsenal show some mental fortitude (at last)

VanPersie and Wenger

About this time of year Arsenal regularly crash out of the Champions League, and the first leg match at home against Barcelona looked
like it was going to script at half-time last night.

And then, when the home side were available for the win @ odds of 16/1, well into the final half, things dramatically turned around. This photo was taken after Van Persie’s acutely angled equaliser and it speaks for itself.

After the match the players thanked the fans for their contribution
to the victory: for once The Library had run amok.

The only fly in the ointment was the stupid question in the post-match interview with Robin Van Persie. Fortunately, the Number 10 shirt can not only score goals, he can also smell rank hyperbole when it’s
shoved under his nose.