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Things are going to change round here

I am not quite sure how, or when, but I can feel it coming in the air (to borrow from Phil Collins).

I have changed. I know this; I am not sure that other people do. The world is changing too – and I hope for the better.

Anyway, it’s no big deal – everything changes – if not, things can atrophy and that is never good.

The main thing to do whilst in transition, I suppose, is to remember to keep breathing.

Anyway, the blog rapidly approaches the full up point. I am going to have to do some big housekeeping soon. But not now, I’ve got other things to do today. In a World First For Me, I poached eggs for breakfast. Not that hard is it?

onwards upwards

Be the change

All that blog ranting has messed with my karma, man, so I’ve drafted in a message from the Dalai Lama to straighten it out round here.

Whatever, and whoever, goes on in the world, this is the most important thing, surely.