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It’s not a Banksy, but…

It’s a largely unrewarding business taking photos with my Blackberry. My sister seems to get better results on hers. And then there’s the other sister’s iphone which does the business even better, but then she has to contend with the big drawback of a greasy screen. All that notwithstanding, I was rather pleased with how this came out.

This dog is painted on the side of the now defunct Staffords Hair Emporium on the London Road in Leigh-on-Sea. I have a nice friend who broke the salon: she had her hair cut and then it closed the next day. I will never quite let her forget it.

I tried curling my own hair at the weekend for party purposes. It quickly became clear that I had no idea what to do. I did find out it won’t go if your hair is dry. That’s my top makemeadiva beauty tip #1. Don’t hold your breath for the next one, they appear on a biennial basis only.