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A Prow

Otherwise known as the bow of a ship. This one was in a dry dock, about fifteen feet above my head.

It is my favourite boat in the boatyard. It’s always there; I think its restoration is a lifetime’s work. I don’t know whose lifetime though. Perhaps, one day, I will ask.

boat prow

I am aware I don’t have much to say for myself lately. It’s a funny thing, but when I’ve an awful lot to say, I am likely to say the least. I really can’t explain it. It’s like trying to avoid the dam bursting by letting out a mean-spirited trickle of water.

Perhaps I should just let the damn thing burst.

One for the Labrador Massive

Not sure if they come round here much anymore, but if they do, they know who they are…

Lady in a cleft stick

Teignmouth, Devon 2011