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Time is now

The rest is merely conceptual.

The way humans have chosen to measure time explains why it appears to pass quicker the older we get – a year between you turning one and two is your whole lifetime again (which is just as well considering the development that needs to happen); whereas turning 70 represents only one seventieth of your whole life.

And, apparently, a recent multidisciplinary conference organised by the Foundational Questions Institute has also decided that the past and the future are equally real and implicit in the now.

I love the mind-bending concept there. We have come to rely on recalling the past to inform the future – even though we know memory is a woefully inaccurate record and varies from person to person; far more liberating then to ‘remember’ the future to inform the now.

You might think it sounds impossible, but it’s not. Ask George Orwell.

Here’s the set of slides by Sean Carroll, a physicist and theoretical cosmologist at the California Institute of Technology that opened the conference.

The conference discussions inspired this blog, also by Sean Carroll, where he lists Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Time, two of which I have loosely referred to above.

I needed to read it Ten Times to get my head round it all.