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The shadow

There is always one – click here for the Jungian psychological explanation of the term.

It’s probably easier to just accept it for what it is – shade on a hot day, gloom on a dark one.

anke chair


I’ve decided life is about pocketing moments.  It’s probably best to work out where, and who, can provide the ones you need to stash away.  I’ve discovered this chair, and it counts as one.   The shadow is part of that – I guess Jung would approve…

Same sky, different gravy



Like many of us, this post has rather lost its way. Better then to say so, than pretend to be anything more than that: a little bit dazed and confused, unhappy but trying to remain positive. Sitting by the shore having a bit of a think, a bit like this.

I have heard a waterscape described as a void, but one that reflects yourself back at you. Can it really be a void then? I don’t think we are surrounded with voids in nature, rather that we perhaps host them inside ourselves. Does a void ask questions, or does it just exist as something to continuously fill up?

Of course, I don’t know, I’m just asking.

Carl Roger’s self-actualisation involves unconditional positive regard for children. I think it’s important. I also think a 14 year old in a court of law is still a child, albeit a damaged one, even in today’s atmosphere of extreme retribution. If only we could swap retribution for reparation.

And then there’s Carl Jung and his theory of individuation, a more metaphysical approach to integrating the parts of ourselves. There’s no time to consider that at the moment beyond this quote.

“Trust that which gives you meaning and accept it as your guide.”