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An Inventory of Disaster

I can’t think why, but I have been compared (on this very blog) to Beryl the Peril, Dennis the Menace’s mate.

And usually I would raise my hackles and hotly deny the charge, but this week has been such a series of minor muddles partially of my own making that I would probably be on dodgy ground if I tried.

1) Right Knee, Left Knee

2) Garden wall, Car “bumper”

3) Line full of wet washing (stubbornly refusing to dry)

4) Work’s new gazebo blown down causing H&S outrage at public outdoor event – collected shiny and new – returned muddy, ragged and broken

But now I have definitely got it out of my system I am switching Beryl off from today (well it will have to be tomorrow now because today has got off to a typical Berylish start) and becoming Catherine Deneuve instead.

Where have all the gazebos gone?


But I am a teeny bit worried it won’t be as much fun…