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“A Distressing Apostrophe”

This is what my soon to be sister-in-law and always esteemed friend deemed we had been beaten by in this year’s World Hurdle. This sage summation came via text and I can’t even remember the detail of the those unfortunates carrying our money that day.

This day Newbury hosts the errant punctuation mark and an all-star card and it would clearly be folly to oppose him. There is a story I heard about the name – he was to be Big Buck’s something or another, but the something or another was not allowed by Weatherbys who decide such things, so the name was rather inelegantly curtailed.

In a happy coincidence I was sent this Christmas card this year and it photographed exceptionally well. It is by Charlie Langton a ridiculously young and talented artist and sculptor. He shares the same birthday as George Stubbs so comparisons are not only inevitable but appropriate.

For my own part as much as I see the sense of Big Buck’s and love this painting, I am a Karabak fan and whilst his form falls somewhat short of the required standard I might have an each-way dabble. Good luck to all.

Big Buck's by Charlie Langton for The Spinal Injuries Association

After Kauto Star’s simply unbelievable King George last Saturday I can feel a statue coming on.