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Search Terms – “commas never”

How that term cries out for a little bit of punctuation!

My personal favourite would be

“Commas – never!”

Pale and Wan

I have lost a few hours to sickness and debilitation this week, although for the most part I have soldiered on…

Is that a comma splice?  I am told they are BAD but I think I go in for them rather a lot.  In fact I am not averse to the odd comma splice so there.  And, yes AND to start the sentence, I am not “averse” (not “adverse”) which I seem to hear used incorrectly so often on R4 as this morning on Today.  Unlike the comma splice that is a hanging offence lol.

Clearly my niggles have put me in a scratchy mood.  Today I have to go to a “Designer Outlet Village” which is where I imagine some of the lower grade fashion designers plot up to purge their really bad designs.   This is obviously a good opportunity to try and aspire to diva ness but I know I am going to fail the test already.  Not least because the destination is Braintree.  I also have to take my passport, but that’s another story – now that comma IS naughty but never mind.  The commas (or lack of) that I really object to are the ones that significantly change the meaning of a sentence, the rest are for pedants and editors.

Brain drain?

Brain drain?


P.S. OK I admit it – I am a pedant-in-training.  The comma referred to is joining independent clauses and is in the right place.  Does a comma splice join two clauses that should be sentences.  I can’t remember.  I shouldn’t speak or blog before noon as it all comes out rhubarb.

Sorry, Ill go to Braintree now :-(

Sorry, I'll go to Braintree now 😦