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Space to Create (a mess)

I am going to a craft day tomorrow, as a participant…

As someone who, when put in the same room as a pair of scissors or a sewing machine, can easily challenge the law of opposable thumbs I am not expecting too much. I imagine whatever I come up with has a strong chance of closely resembling the kind of mess that the David Cameron, George Osborne et al are making of the economy. I will however put the evidence on here for readers to judge and thus avoid a ticking off from the Office of Craft Responsibility…

Image from The Mirror

On Ostriches & Emus

Not really; I don’t know a thing about them, other than that I think ostriches live in Africa and emus don’t. And that ostriches run quite fast and they are entered in ostrich races somewhere.

The other thing I happen to know is that there was an escaped emu running around near my sister’s house in Devon a few months ago. The funny thing was that the ‘owners’ didn’t report it missing, as if no-one would really notice it roaring around a field of sheep in the Dartmoor National Park. It was returned to them after two weeks of god knows what type of adventures, one of which definitely included a failed capture attempt by the local hunt.
Poor thing.

The moral of that story is that if you have an emu, or an ostrich, in your garden you should jolly well keep it safely in there. Here’s ours. The eldest knocked it up earlier of her own volition. She is now occupied painting a selection of skyscapes on canvas for some paper swallows that she also made earlier.

How lovely to be a child.

Running loose in the garden