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More on Scotland’s Independence

Listening to the radio today I heard the English for, and the Scottish against.

The English sounded like a bunch of hysterics, crassly trying to appeal to the emotions with words such as divorce, and family, of being ripped and pulled apart. The Scots simply stated they were taking full opportunity to re-engage with democracy by stepping up to the plate – their plate.

I think the English have sealed their fate. Serves them right. David Cameron won’t be remembered for much, but his name in history is assured. He will be the Prime Minister that blethered us right out of the Union.

‘The Cost of Cameron’ via Eoin Clarke

As we fail to be overrun by unfettered Bulgarians and Romanians, despite the Government’s attempt to whip us all into a xenophobic frenzy, why not check out the real effect of the ConDems has been on the country prior to the dawn of 2014.

Talk about defecating on your own doorstep… Westminster Council really need to re-open those public conveniences they contracted out to Lord Ashcroft’s company…

That fake ‘I give a shit’ face

Yesterday, as the government announced Chinese investment in a French company to provide us with more nuclear power, David Cameron tipped up in Hinkley for a photo call in a blue boiler suit attempting to arrange his features into a suitably sympathetic expression for the benefit of us plebs. Do these guys practice it at public school I wonder?

David Cameron fakes both listening and concern. The blue boiler suit enhances his authenticity (in his head only). Via the BBC

Here’s another offender from yesterday too. Npower’s boss, Paul Massara, as they raise energy prices by 10.2%. He’s so concerned about you that he parked himself outside the men’s toilets, wedged between a tea urn and an aspidistra and urged you contact him if you have any concerns about paying your energy bill.

If you are an Npower customer – feel free to shoot him a couple of questions

He’s also on Twitter, going under the ironic name of @energy2live4 The account’s also protected, so I’m going to give that a follow and see if I get accepted…

Space to Create (a mess)

I am going to a craft day tomorrow, as a participant…

As someone who, when put in the same room as a pair of scissors or a sewing machine, can easily challenge the law of opposable thumbs I am not expecting too much. I imagine whatever I come up with has a strong chance of closely resembling the kind of mess that the David Cameron, George Osborne et al are making of the economy. I will however put the evidence on here for readers to judge and thus avoid a ticking off from the Office of Craft Responsibility…

Image from The Mirror

FAO David Cameron

There is always, always an alternative. Just because you are too ideologically narrow-minded and ego-driven to see it does NOT mean that it does not exist.

There is more I might add but, having spent a day at the sharp end of your state sponsored bullying of the sick, weak and vulnerable in society, I am too worn out to continue.

It’s been a while

Since the blog went into an apoplectic outraged anti-capitalist rant so here’s a little one to get the day off to a good start…

Funnily enough, this time it’s been caused by our Prime Minister, David Cameron, saying… wait for it… something sensible. What he said yesterday was that consumers should be automatically paying their energy supplier the lowest price tariff, rather than what we have now which is a dizzying array of complicated pricing structures delivered to us in a format that needs a PhD in Pure Mathematics to begin to understand.

I have personal experience of this. We went through a period a while ago when someone was knocking the front door and begging to read the meters in the cupboard under the stairs every five minutes. Apparently this still couldn’t accurately inform EON’s billing department and we were slapped with a massive demand partway through the summer. When I tried to get to the bottom of it, the operative on the phone casually mentioned we might switch to a cheaper tariff. This sent me into orbit and I can’t even remember what I said. It took about a week to calm me down.

So I agree with David, this once. We should all be on the cheapest tariff. Why are there so many anyway? Then, this morning, some woman from the ‘industry’ popped up and said Cameron’s quite sensible and fair idea would ‘kill competition’. What? What! Excuse me if I am a simpleton about this, but, I thought competition was to offer the consumer the best price. What the energy companies have meant by ‘competition’ over the last few years is a competition between themselves as to who can fleece the customer the most and get away with it.

Fuel price rises every winter – when the demand increases? That sounds like a monopoly. A cartel. People living in fuel poverty and the government handing out our money to the energy companies in winter fuel payments so the elderly don’t die of hypothermia.

Say what you like, but the whole thing is a fucked up money making scam and the energy companies need shaking by the scruffs of their necks until all their stolen wealth falls out of their grasping little pockets. Perhaps Cameron is the man to do it. I doubt it, but it’s worth a try.

Greedy bastards

The Leveson Inquiry: more ‘complete nonsense’

David Cameron was questioned today. He borrowed his Chancellor’s phrase when saying that although he was actively courting all the media in the run-up to the general election, it was ‘complete nonsense’ to suggest that he was prepared to trade policy for a newspaper’s, specifically The Sun’s, support.

He did acknowledge that he and Rebekah Brooks were ‘pushing’ the same political agenda. Of course this must have been by chance, it was nothing to do with his PR activities as leader of the opposition. And neither was the texting and the socialising and neighbourly, old boy’s networking stuff. In YOUR head, David, in YOUR head. In mine, a lot of what you said today sounds like more of that, by now ubiquitous, complete nonsense.

Of course it is perfectly possible that The Sun could have decided to go against Labour in the election without David Cameron’s ‘help’. There’s not a lot of choice after all in the two-and-a-quarter horse race. Personally, I’d rather papers didn’t ‘support’ a party, it seems like an Industrial Revolution anachronism in a digital world; I just need the media to report the news, not manufacture it in-house.

Countdown: 1059 Days

It seems like a cheap shot to judge parents for losing a child temporarily, even if the parents in question are the Prime Minister and his wife. Haven’t we all done it?

That seemed to be the general tenor of the discussion I caught briefly on the radio this morning after the news broke that the Camerons inadvertently left their 8 year daughter in a country pub after Sunday lunch.

I happen to disagree, because I think that there is a distinct difference between losing a child somewhere unfamiliar and leaving a child somewhere altogether because you returned home without them. I know both happen. I have had the odd heart-hammering moment when I cannot see my child where I thought they should be at a given moment and panic ensues.
It’s not that I don’t understand…

Except… actually, it is that I don’t understand. For a child to go missing, well, that doesn’t require a parent to necessarily act negligently, it can happen in a moment. To drive off without a child, assuming that your partner is with them requires at least one less than entirely responsible action on your part – it’s not just some bad luck.

It requires you to not check out your assumption about your child’s whereabouts with your partner, then get in the car and drive off x 2. Assumptions are a dangerous thing and when both of the Camerons assumed that their daughter was with the other without actually confirming the facts, an error of judgement was committed. Fortunately, no real harm was done.

Sadly though, many of the assumptions that Cameron makes about the UK, it’s people and economy, are also wrong and harm is done every day. Check it out, Mr Cameron. Talk to some real people, people who can’t afford a pint in a pub, let alone a Sunday lunch. Check out some of your assumptions about real people in the UK and the real lives they lead and then see if you can fish the country out of the toilet as easily as you were, thankfully, able to collect your daughter.

I am sure they won’t do that again and their daughter will be safe in their care. It’s us that I’m more worried about. I am now counting down the days to the next General Election, planned for the 7th May 2015. It’s going to be a long wait – 1059 days to be precise. 1059 days unless the sheep bleat and the coalition collapses. I can but hope.

You are a UK business

You can’t borrow from the bank to expand your business, but the government’s consultant asset stripper, equity manager Beecroft recommends that if you can summarily fire your most hated employee tomorrow, growth is bound to follow.


Seriously, every day I wonder where Gordon Brown has got to. At least the man would not be found wildly celebrating a Chelsea penalty at a G8 summit.

We are run by idiots with iPads. If only they had gone into advertising.

Outerer Klang

I figured, if we experience Kandinsky’s innerer klang (see yesterday’s post), we must definitely experience its opposite. And then I reflected, why should these concepts be confined to the art world, after all is not life, art. Or as the American writer and politician John Gardner put it, “Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”

It seems, to me, that we are now suffering from life with a surfeit of, what I will call, outerer klang and not enough of the innerer variety. A world where appearances matter, more than much else as far as I can tell. Where the magic of a child’s world is redacted to a list of functional levels at school and where spin and smoke and mirrors make us so dizzy and sick we just don’t have the energy to care about the things we might anymore.

I could go on, but I won’t, otherwise I would be klanging too much as well!

Outerer Klanger

You decide

Van Gogh drawing