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Who Da Man?

Vic & Stan on the water meadow

Well if this picture emailed to me yesterday by my oldest step-sister is anything to go by – Stan is the Man.

Some will say it is and always was the great Arkle, but now the very brave official handicapper, Phil Smith, is reassessing the whole Arkle rating thang. If Arkle’s rating is correct then on this last Boxing Day he would have come home a full 21 lengths to the good of Kauto Star….

Our Vic’s Stan, an Irish Wolfhound, is one magnificent looking curiosity and if you check out the colour picture and article about Arkle and his rating here you can hardly fail to think the same.

Rudolf Nureyev in the Snow

This is the only picture I could get of our dog, to give him his full moniker. It is hard to get a Russian ballet dancer to stand still for even a moment, let alone in the snow.

I like this picture so much. It has the look of the skinny little dog that came over from Ireland on the boat in December two years ago before he had discovered arch looks and “I’ll stab you with my stiletto knife whilst you sleep” humours.

Actually, he hasn’t murdered me in my bed yet and has become just like my old dog at night. He sleeps either on or next my legs and, despite the battle over the cover, there is nothing better in the world.