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Rudi’s Routine

Is a bit out of whack, what with the snow and the school holidays. Galloping him on the ice-fields is a bit out, but he doesn’t seem to mind curtailed walks due to the Arctic temperatures.

Probably more irksome is the disruption to his morning nap. When the kids go to school (after he has had his morning porridge and kippers) he likes to pop back up to my bed and my pillow and have a lengthy sleep. Yesterday I disturbed him and he gave me this look.

Of course the sensible thing to do would be to close the door leaving him a choice of three other beds, his own bed or two sofas, but our doors are a bit hit and miss in the “staying closed or being opened again” department so I let him get on with his life of luxury largely undisturbed.

There is a good explanation for the dodgy doors but that’s another story titled “The pros and cons of reclaiming panel doors from skips”.