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Dubstep meets Two-step meets Industrial Grime

What more could you want?

A boot full of bass

I used to get a bass kick like this: an elderly gold Mercedes-Benz parked up under the council flats where I lived in North London with its boot full of subwoofers and speakers. The car used to shake with the bass coming out of it and so did the flats.

Since I got a bit older I have started to miss that bass vibration coming up through your feet that you get in clubs, so yesterday was a bit of an unexpected treat. I had downloaded Read the rest of this entry

A little bit of lake music

James Blake music. This is a young fella who is now post Dubstep. I quite like it; fingers crossed he doesn’t end up another Dido.

Of course, in the usual annoying way, you will have to make an effort and click through to actually hear it.

From Garage to Dubstep

There’s this really cool lady who I work with. We started teaching at the same time and, unusually, in the same room at the same time – she was numeracy and I was literacy. I’ve not shared a room that successfully since.

Now we travel together each week on a new journey, and I am not sure I would be able to do it without her.

On the way there we are all about the music (it’s ours kids and we might not give it back); on the way home it is the oppressed masses, the exploitation of women and banging on David Cameron’s shiny door to point our fingers in his spam face.

Anyway Fay: this one’s for you. And it’s for me. We are halfway to being blue ducks…