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‘How Goes The Work?’


Taken from the formative text 'Farmer Duck' by Martin Waddell

Calling it on

I said: They are flogging all artificial arborial Christmas gear for an alleged 50% discount today, why don’t you go?

No-one went. Game on.

In the meantime I saw these, which I am dedicating to Daftburger: Christmas Ducks with Stripey Hats

My second home is a tent – Day five million and two of MP’s Expenses

Well not mine actually, I don’t have a second home or a tent.  This is a man who has mildly pointed out to his local MP who has made expensive expense claims for his second home in London’s Docklands that he also works very far from home and camps during the week in Epping Forest.  This information was gleaned from the Radio 4Today programme and, as usual, I have missed much of the detail (something to do with working for the kids before working for the pets and then working for work and no expenses from any of them).

On a beautiful morning, such as today, a tent in Epping Forest (with which I am well acquainted) sounds lovely and tranquil but I readily accept in the cold and wind and rain (with which I am also well acquainted – see the Wild, Wild Wind post) it would be a lonely and unpleasant way to spend the night.  Not to say noisy – the drumming of raindrops on canvas can’t be much fun when you have a breakfast meeting.  This story rang a chord with me.  We are not well off, I am down to my last £30 quid until next Tuesday, and my OH travels 80 miles a day on busy roads into and out of London to pay for our mortgage.  I’m not moaning, we are blessed in many ways, but even in my most positive frames of mind I can see that the commute does not agree with him.

Is it any wonder then that people like us listen or watch in disbelief as we hear of £1600 floating duck houses and stately home moat cleaning being paid for out of the public purse?  If it wasn’t SO scandalous it would be laughable.  What I find most painful though is the succession of MPs trottting out in the media clad only in hair shirts and with a whips clutched in their greasy paws to repeat like a mantra ,”yes it is wrong”, “but we only acted within the rules” , “and we should reform not call a general election”.  The latter plea falls on my deaf ears as they debated reform of the expenses system last year – well that worked really well NOT.  You can see this does grate lots because the mmda blog is not prone to unnecessary CAPITALISATION…

PLEEZE!  What would it take?  The exhibition of bare-faced cheek on a daily basis is astonishing. The only defence I can muster in my mind for the party leaders is that they didn’t actually know what was on their Honourable Members’ claims.  So the duck houses, house flips and wide-screen tvs went unnoticed.

Back to more pressing matters – I have people coming to stay this weekend.  I love these people more than anything, I am looking forward to seeing them hugely but there are rather a lot of them and when I try to do a sleeping arrangements plan in my head I lose count and have to start again.  Can babies still sleep in drawers?  Can boys and girls sleep in the same room?  Isn’t it more polite to give my bed to the guests?  I wonder if that lovely man would lend me his tent?