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Over thirty thousand words later

I have finished the last in the series of my short stories about the time I spent in London as a dog walker, which happened to coincide with the time I was expecting my first child. It’s available here and I am donating all the royalties to the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Getting to the end of things on purpose, rather than by accident or default, is something I have only really started doing in the last eight years. Now I am at The End I think I should have done it differently – the plan is to one day pull them all together into one edition – but for now it’s probably just as well to let it go as it stands.

It’s been a bit of a one woman job these, so if anyone picks up any typos, or worse, let me know.

In the meantime, I am working on some longer projects which I will post about another time.

Free epamphlet for labrador lovers (and terrapins)

I have a free download this Grand National weekend for my latest bitesize memoir, about walking dogs in the East End of London.

This story includes my close encounter with terrapins in the ‘hood.

Click on the cover to download.