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In an attempt to portray myself as a wholesome mothering type of person, as opposed to a shambolic, scruffy and lately unsuccessful punter, we have been baking.

This week we did banana cake, with pecans instead of walnuts, and lemon and raspberry muffins. The banana cake was nice but the kids refused to eat it unless it was raw in the bowl, or hot. The muffins lasted barely 24 hours.

I have a bag of damsons in the freezer that need some form of processing and they are my half-term culinary project – I expect the defrosting and stoning will take until about Wednesday. When we reach that happy point I have a Nigel Slater spelt flour and ground almond recipe in mind.

I expect we’ll also be carving pumpkins and watching Fantastic Mr Fox (thankfully by Wes Anderson and not the ubiquitous Pixar), so all in all autumn’s not a bad place to be, providing it doesn’t rain too much in East Sussex…

Mr Fox, probably stoning damsons

Mr Fox, probably stoning damsons