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More sunseekers: the self actualizing tendency

There’s been a monsoon overnight. Not so long ago the clay soil round here was cracked from drought. Hard to believe, as I squelched through a waterlogged field this morning.

These poppies remind me of Carl Rogers’ theory which consists of 19 propositions – specifically #6 which relates to the ‘self actualizing tendency’.

The organism has one basic tendency and striving – to actualize, maintain and enhance the experiencing organism

Peeling Paint

Loving layered paint on rusting metal
Discolourations, bobbles and runs
Battered and weathered
Serving no apparent purpose
Liking things that draw the eye because they just are accidental and incidental
(thank you Paul Simon)
Those blues and greens
(that should never be seen)
And, although I like bricks and walls
with hidden doors
A spiky fence won’t keep me out
Or is it them in?
Always finding life lurking in the boundaries


As much as stick my fingers in my ears and my hands over my eyes, the Christmas season continues in all its relentlessness; not unlike this plant down the road. If it is a forsythia, and I think it is, it shouldn’t be out until Easter. I don’t like it anyway, my sympathy lies with the fence.

On the upside, at least it’s not a poinsettia. Now, I really hate those: the leaves always drop off the moment you have bought them.

*2 weeks to Epiphany