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Big Day

@ Ascot
@ Village Green, Chalkwell Park

I have to rush off and organise the latter. Now. I hope I can catch the races on i-player later. It would normally be the QEII Stakes that tickled my fancy, but with the withdrawal of Canford Cliffs (just after they reported him “better than ever, a beast” – no stud hype there then) I suppose we will leave it to the French horse Makfi. Or Rip Van Winkle – who at 11/4 seems quite big. I also had a little look at Hearts of Fire (ew 14s).

More interesting is the Fillies Mile with Theyskens Theory, White Moonstone and Date with Destiny. The latter hasn’t shown quite enough yet to be a main contender and you wouldn’t be wanting to split the first two, so maybe a combination forecast kind of race as it’s a Saturday.

Anyway I’ll be scribing in the songwriting for kids tent and perhaps catching Carleen Anderson later if we (the kids) can last that long.

Bernadini: Theyskens Theory's pa