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Energy #First Law

Fundamentally, and in accordance with the First Law of Thermodynamics, energy cannot be either destroyed, or created, only transformed. This law is one of the absolute physical laws of the universe and no exceptions or contradictions to this law (or indeed the other two laws) has ever been observed.

So when energy exists it cannot cease to exist and our own energy cannot be transformed until it is seen or met or acknowledged in some interaction with another energy. The energy of a child demands and should, hopefully, receive present attention and transformation more or less in the moment.

My youngest expressed this beautifully yesterday. How many adults might feel like this, but cannot express it and then that energy hangs around in a rather negative form, apparently hidden but still felt, until it can be transformed?

And despite how I might rail against such things, I cannot help but be a little bit proud that she has employed a little oppressive possessive apostrophe whilst staking her claim to the hitherto spare room…