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Suits you Sir? (or when long shorts become short trousers)

This post was inspired by my father’s ever expanding eBay wardrobe. I’ll need to say not much more lest he take exception and sue me…

The novel inclusion of this cropped clobber pushed me into asking the question, especially for men. As more and more of you stray into this sartorial summer territory I think some definitive guidelines are in order. I’ve seen certain transgressors down the sea-front in kecks that are at least two inches above a hirsute ankle and at least three inches over the knee. I’ve also seen them in the Dressing Room at the Theatre (Actors may be able to apply for a special exemption from the Rules). My view is that civilians may be able to get away with them, just, if they are correctly and remedially shod.

The eldest’s class teacher says flip-flops on gentlemen are wrong, plain wrong. I am not entirely sure about this edict. I’d take a more charitable view and say that some men should probably keep their feet encased a bit more than an average flip-flop allows for. There is one absolute though: long shorts or short trousers (let’s call them cropped, capri is for girls) cannot, repeat cannot, be worn with a regular shoe. They can barely be worn with a trainer either. This leaves a real dilemma Sir. Would it be easier to put a line through the whole long short/short trouser option? I’ll leave that with you.

And don't forget to check your bumper view in the mirror