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Anti-Photography: Ed Ruscha

I wonder how this set of photos would have turned out if all Mr Ruscha had to hand on Sunset Strip was a Blackberry.

The fluorescent strip lighting has added its own effect.

More from the Anti-Photography exhibition (with a Blackberry)

The new space has a window and out of the window you can see this apple tree.

I like that tree but I have never seen it hanging onto its apples with such grim determination before…

The car radio

I was being shown round a new gallery space on Friday morning, and one of the exhibits that caught my eye in the Anti-Photography exhibition was a set of black and white photographs entitled “Car Radios Playing Good Tunes”. I will have to go back so I can credit the photographer properly.

In the meantime here’s my own radio playing the blog anthem for 2011. It’s quite soon to call it, but I’ve no choice.
I was driving about this afternoon and, after a period of silence and contemplation, I flicked the radio on and the tune jumped out and grabbed me round the throat. It’s that good.