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Beach Hut, Boulogne-sur-Mer

I didn’t take many photos that I was happy with in France – not sure why.

I took the camera shopping with me last week (an activity I don’t much like), hoping to look at familiar surroundings that have become contemptuous with fresh eyes, as the saying goes.
I was not expecting to be drawn to photograph people, not really my thing, but, to my surprise that was all I was drawn to. I was too shy to ask people’s permission though, and too polite to just take them anyway. I am glad really, that I don’t just invade people’s space with the camera, but it bugs me to miss an interesting face or subject. Yesterday, I saw a fantastic dog walker, in a barren urban setting; the man and the dog were so juxtaposed with each other and then with the setting that it just killed me not to stop and ask if I could take a shot. As it was, I didn’t have the camera with me, and I couldn’t just stop the vehicle I was in. That missed opportunity is going to take some getting over. I could try to describe it in words, but it’s not worth the bother – a picture tells etc.

So to cheer myself up I downloaded some free Photoshop type software at the suggestion of the excellent Leanne Cole’s blog here. Her photography is superb: evocative, moody and engaging. She is based in Australia, so for someone on the other side of the world all the images are fresh, even when they are of buildings in decay, which is one of my own fascinations in life. Leanne is also generous enough with her time to share her technical tips and methods for working with images. I don’t know what I am doing, but I am playing around and, for fun, fiddling with some of the more disappointing shots from the summer. Yesterday I straightened up a wonky sea horizon, today I’ve fiddled with a beach hut.

Thank you for sharing Leanne.

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