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Frost & Two Hats

I may have sunk to a new low. I am wearing a hat indoors. I habitually wear a coat indoors, after the autumn equinox, but today I answered the door to my neighbour in a hat. I have answered the door to her in a variety of coats over the years, but the sight of the hat caused gales of laughter at my expense. I had quite forgotten it was on my head, plus which it keeps me warm. I’ll be driving the car in it next.

frozen tree

I saw this tree trunk on an abbreviated dog walk earlier today. The dog would wear a hat if he could too – he hates the frost-bitten ground and Siberian chill factor. Whilst he was staring at something in the far-off beyond, I found a hat on the football pitch. It was not dissimilar to my own, apart from being frozen solid and flat. I could have used it as an offensive weapon. Instead I put it on the tree trunk and took this photo too.

frosty hat