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Gideon Oddball’s Fudget (a.k.a. George Osborne’s Budget)

I would analyse yesterday’s rubbish spewing from the Chancellor’s maw (first name Gideon until he changed it), but you know what? I can’t be bothered. I’m too tired. And be warned people, that is how they will keep getting away with it. It will be because people like you and me, with no money, who work but can barely make ends meet, will not have the energy to keep opposing the coalition government policies.

We won’t have to time to protest, and if by chance we do, we won’t be able to afford the petrol or the train ticket to get there. We will be In Our Place and we will be silenced and those cock-eyed, ignorant pillocks on the government Front Bench will keep feathering their nests and those of their mates. Apparently, the money a millionaire will save in tax, thanks to yesterday’s budget, will keep them in a new Porsche EVERY YEAR. Meanwhile the pensioners’ ever-diminishing pots will continue to be raided. Under a stimulus package for growth, things are starting to pick up in the States. Over here the austerity cuts have had had a negligible effect on the deficit and many of those of us on modest incomes aren’t spending because we are tired and miserable and fed-up. I can’t speak for people on benefits, but my professional experience shows me that to be a benefit claimant under the coalition is little different from being a fox hunted by a pack of hounds. The current benefit regime is putting people constantly under pressure to find jobs that either don’t exist, or that they are wildly unsuited for.

Gideon Oddball and his loathsome spamhead mates are nothing more than throwbacks to the Victorian landed gentry. I wish someone would kick them out and find them a more natural home where we can pay through the nose, only if we want to see them.

*and breathe*