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Get Rid of Gideon

I’ve never thought much of him, that George ‘Gideon’ Osborne.

I’ve said in the past he and his cronies are taking a dangerous gamble and, given the influence of the Eurozone debacle, its now obvious how wrong it’s going.

I can only conclude that if we keep this crew for the full-term then we must be nothing short of a bunch of masochists. Not to mention, fairly stupid.

When’s Gideon going to stop blaming variously: Labour, the global financial collapse, snow, weddings, the Eurozone (whose growth forecasts exceed our own) and go and have a look in his own mirror?

If I were in the vicinity, I’d trace the rather impressive-looking but miniscule figure of the drop-in-the-ocean bankers’ tax across his reflection.


*inserts picture of a pile of steaming horseshit*