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A Tonic

I’ve been half-arsedly writing a post for you lot since this morning, but it’s just not come together.

Luckily I have conserved just enough energy to go and make a gin & tonic with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic water which is (aside from an organic one I used to get in Bow somewhere) *legendary. The Schweppes Indian Tonic water will do in extremis, but it is cloying compared to the light and fresh Fever-Tree variety.

The big no-nos in my Gin & Tonic are slimline anything and lime. I once got a lecture off some barman about why I had to have the lime. There was apparently some irrefutable evidence based on laboratory research he was trying to share with me. I did not have the lime; I broke his heart with a slice of lemon. If a lady can’t get her drink fixed the way she wants it, then we should all just give up and go home. I think the barman in question knows that now.

*the ultimate G&Ts were the ones breaking all the rules in India: flat tonic, no ice and overproof gin…