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A drunk with a pocket full of dimes…

…and a jukebox. Is what I feel like tonight. I have been loving this song all year, but since they played Glastonbury last month I feel entitled to post the video. That and a good bit of wine.

Proper thoughtful lyrics.

Back in the classroom

That’s me on Tuesday afternoons.  I don’t mind saying it’s a tough gig.  I was a difficult pupil at school and it seems not much has changed.  The only difference so far is that I am turning up.  Listening and concentrating still seem to be a problem.

I still dislike “active” learning.  Ideally, I would like it all given me in written form and be left alone to read it.  All this interaction that goes on is torture.  Plus we are trapped for 3 hours before a half hour break  (check Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – after an hour and a half my needs revolve around a cup of tea), then another 2 hours of being caged.  I might have to start taking my laptop.  Yesterday I managed it with some recourse to reading poetry hidden under the handout.  I am so “visually” attuned it is practically a learning disability.  I was the child that hated practical experiments in sciences so, that I was eventually allowed to go to the back of the class and read about it instead from a text book…

Anyway I was going to post “The Drugs Don’t Work” but this is more apt: Bittersweet Symphony “no change, I can’t change”, and I prefer the tune.