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The white boxer dog

There is this one in the extended family, and she’s getting a bit old now. Her name is Unke.

Her face is a wonderful crumple of soft white fur and black patches. Her eyes run in brown streams down her face as if she were crying, but she’s not, because she’s just too, well, boxerish. She smiles with her pink mouth, her tongue hanging out and when she lies on her side you can see her black spotted gums in all their wet gelatinous glory.

Unke makes me wish I could paint her in oils; even better if I could capture the expression on some people’s faces when she presents her beautiful slobberchops for a slop-filled kiss.

The photo of Unke was taken a few years ago. Sally, the greyhound, is now sadly no longer with us. She was cremated in the garden last year, in a stack of tyres to ensure enough heat for a proper immolation. My own deceased dog was also cremated, but not in a DIY affair. I paid money to have him back in a wooden casket. The new model has been known to cock his leg on the casket from time to time. I suppose that’s as it should be.

Dog from Navan

I’ve been busy checking my summer camping / winter indoors blanket is where it should be, having briefly suspected some gurrier from Norfolk of having half-inched it.

But it’s here on my sofa, with me, where I sleep and I’ll growl at you if you come too close.


Fear Zafonic to win the Greyhound Derby tonight

Ballymac Ruso is the main danger IMO.  Tissue prices have Ballymac Ruso fav as he has played such a blinder through the heats and his consistency deserves nothing less.  However Fear Zafonic has finally got his favoured red jacket by the rails.  Although this is statistically disastrous box for Derby finalists he has been inconvenienced throughout the competition by not being in T1.  Tonight he can make it pay and I think as the evening wears on and people think on Charlie Lister’s ability to get his dogs peaking and pinging on the big nights, he might start favourite.

Ballymac Ruso, drawn next door in T2, also has ferocious early pace but as he is predicted to take the middle line my money is on Fear Zafonic to hug the rails, lead up to the first and then nothing should catch him…

Of course if it was always that straightforward I would be blogging this from a yacht somewhere so we won’t really know until 10.12 tonight, but I am happy to nail my red jacket to the mast now 🙂

Red comes home in front

Red comes home in front