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A Blue Dog

Kinda Ready: Greyhound Derby Winner

The Mark Wallis trained Kinda Ready by Tim Flach

Weigh in, weigh in

Old dog walks, new dog walks

The old dog walks looked like this: wander through hill and vale, forest and beach, swim and fetch (dogs not me) the dog in perfect harmony by my side.

My new dog walks look like this: risk assess area for 25mph running, small furry things and dogs he mayn’t like the look of before removing lead. Spend rest of “walk” running after him in fruitless fashion calling his unheeded name.

I am shortly trying a new thing this morning: a dog walk with another sighthound. A proper ex-racer with height, grace and good manners. Hopefully.

*A few hours lapse*

Faith’s Lad, the racing name of the greyhound we were with more than fulfilled his personal specification and Rudi the Dude (his racing name when he starts his glittering lurcher racing career) was well-mannered too. High class company must’ve rubbed off on him. Good.

The Suffolk Two

These two dames spent their Easter afternoon out on the water meadow. Don’t worry, their patience was rewarded with a roast beef dinner served on white bone china!

Sally is the greyhound who is so fine and quivery she reminds me of a mouse. Unke is the white boxer, unke is a Hindi word, but I don’t remember the meaning.

WARNING: The remainder of this post is only suitable for those readers with a strong stomach. Mother, you won’t find this amusing.

I was told about a less genteel meal they once partook. Sally used to be a racing greyhound. She’s pretty small though and was ultimately unequal to the task. She has her chase instinct intact, the dealing with prey one is a bit faulty though. Apparently she once caught a squirrel which fought back. My poor sister was then faced with a screeching squirrel impaled on Sally’s tooth and a screaming greyhound that was being counter-attacked. Having been bitten by a grey squirrel myself (which necessitated a hospital trip) I can vouch for the fact that Sally had every right to make a fuss. Anyway, somehow the rodent was detached and it ran off, whereupon Sally’s chase instinct kicked in and… rewind.

That wasn’t the meal. The meal was a rabbit. With myxomatosis. Which more or less ran into Sally’s jaws before dying instantly of shock as rabbits (not squirrels) are prone to do. Sally had no interest then in a dead, non-running rabbit and dropped it. Unke thought mmmm tasty and ate it – head first – for about 30 minutes. All the while growling so there was nothing to be done but wait for her to finish.

Nice. Even nicer was when she barfed the bunny back up on the way home in the middle of a suburban pavement in Brentwood.

Blue Square Greyhound Derby

I couldn’t leave the blog crying over the laptop, so to cheer myself up I shall be looking forward to this Guineas weekend at Newmarket and the heats of the Blue Square Derby @ Wimbledon that start this Friday night.

Without even looking I know I am going to be supporting the son of Westmead Hawk, Westmead Osprey, although this dog will be up against it as he is quite a youth. Mistley Colonel is a 250/1 outsider but as a son of the great Hawk himself a couple of speculative quid is going to be going his way.

This year looks like a great field of dogs. Some come into this with great records but things having not quite gone right for them recently. To be honest I have still not got over the sale and closure of the Stow and do not attend as closely to the form as I used to but I can see stand out dogs like the fav Fear Zafonic, Ninja Jamie, Ballymac Ruso, Barnfield on Air, Ballymac Under and Blonde Dino (who is probably a bit old now but it didn’t stop Loyal Honcho last year!)

I know Barnfield on Air is coming back after a long lay-off and he has question marks especially during such a gruelling contest but there is just so much to look forward to here that I would urge everyone to think about taking a trip to Plough Lane over the next few weeks 🙂

The legendary I know where the line is! Westmead Hawk

The legendary "I know where the line is!" Westmead Hawk