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Dubstep meets Two-step meets Industrial Grime

What more could you want?

To Hub or not to Hub

Or indeed to blog or not to blog?

There are so many cyberspace vehicles for our content these days we are spoilt for choice.  I am new to hubbing and only discovered it last week.  As things stand, I have one hub page so far and nineteen views (I call those nineteen the enlightened ones lol).

As far as I understand it (which is approximately the distance to the next lamp post, a hub is where you share information that might be considered useful to others.  You can then attach relevant advertising (well you don’t, the machines do) to earn a nominal sum for “clicks through”.  These are visitors to your hub who then click on the advertising link(s).   Your hub content should be original, useful, well written and informative.  You get a rating which is only partly based on traffic but I haven’t yet worked out what else your rating is based on…  My rating is 68 out of 100 which I am pleased with – it’s an encouraging start.

I won’t be abandoning the blog though.  This is where I bleugh! This blog does not have to fulfil any criteria, it can be whatever I want it to be; today I want it to be all about Lily Allen – and I can enjoy a glass of red wine whilst I blog, hubbing I feel should be a sober activity!

Now I have not been Miss Allen’s biggest fan.  I have found her lyrics and music self-obsessed and annoying and there’s no change with this tune, but this time, I am amused.  The look of disgust on his face when the OH brought the lyrics to my attention has had me smiling ever since.

Don’t get me wrong, the song will soon get grating and annoying like all the others and I’ll have to switch it off and return to the the Scene of the Grime (see yesterday’s post), but for now it’s allowed ear space.

Queen Victoria - Lilly Allen - spot the difference!

Queen Victoria - Lilly Allen - spot the difference!

Grime & Me

This isn’t a reprise of last week’s “half cleaning out the car before I got bored” post!

No it’s an admission.  I’m getting older, I guess approaching middle-aged would be the most truthful description, and I know the music belongs to the kids – but man the kids have some good tunes 🙂

When I first heard of grime it was at Basildon Probation last summer, where I was doing some one-to-one teaching sessions (basic skills in their correctional parlance) and I spent much of one session with one lad, who had very low literacy skills, letting him work out how to spell a grime dj from Bow who had been murdered so he could Google it…

Anyway, what with the murder angle and all I thought it  sounded, well a bit grimy, even though I was a Dizzee Rascal fan of old.  As it’s late I’ll quickly cut to the chase and confess I am now on a minor obsession with the “pop” grime artists.  Just loving this track, I find the official video a bit dubious but the lads are having such evident fun with the ladies I can’t help but smile. 

Personally I am pretty glad for the change to be rung from the bling of the US rap artists to keeping it real Peterboro’ stylee.  Go Ironik.

Admittedly this tune is getting the major benefit of a bit of Elton John genius but I think these guys are killing it and before the summer’s done I need to dance (in public, sorry) to this.