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In training for one joyful event

As I said a few posts ago, this year for me is about trying to offset unknown mishaps with a joyful event. Before I knew any of this however I had signed up to do a charity bike ride from London to Paris to raise money for the Big Issue which supports homeless people to help themselves. I regularly meet perfectly good people who had perfectly functional lives until some sideswipe from life knocked them off their feet. Once knocked down, it is not so easy to get back up again (unlike the song by Chomba Womba) and some people find themselves unravelled and on the street. What shocked me lately was reading about the lack of access to healthcare for people on the street and the bare fact that their life expectancy is as low as 42 years old, half that of the general population.

Of course I am not entirely motivated by charitable purposes, I am also after a physical challenge for myself, to improve my fitness and to see what I am able for. So I filled out the forms last year and signed up. Now with the weather and my inability to deal with flat tyres and adjusting the seat to the right height I find myself somewhat beset with worry about what I have taken on. That is even before I start the panic about raising the sponsorship money! I had my first anxiety dream last week where, curiously, we were on a coach leaving Scotland for France. All very confusing.

At the moment between snow, ice and flood it has been difficult to get the training in. I identified a spare hour today to squeeze in some hard pedalling before child collection (their being 6 & 4 precludes training with them so far although I have a plan). Frustratingly I spent 45 minutes of the hour:

  • looking in the sheds crammed with rubbish for a bicycle pump
    locating a pump
    finding the pump, or I, at fault and deflating the front tyre instead of the opposite
    ringing two people who are more acquainted with on the Health & Safety issues associated with inflating bicycle tyres on garage forecourts with air meant for vehicles
    reassured I was unlikely to explode myself to and the bike with said air, walking to the garage with the bike
    finding garage air “Out of Order” and walking another half a mile, in high dudgeon, to purchase a swanky and expensive idiot-proof pump
    cursing whilst pumping tyres, complete with pressure gauge, outside the shop (humiliating) wondering if it would be safe to reach 60psi as recommended by my telephone expert (achieved half that, tyre about to burst?)
    5 minutes cycling to collect girls from school

Which left me with five minutes spare to hang round waiting for the kids to released from the corral.  I considered getting another 5 minutes training in riding round the playground but decided that would qualify as “embarrassing” as far as the eldest goes and dangerous as far as school Health & Safety is concerned.

No matter, I now have the tantalising option of setting off for my evening meeting in the dark, the wind, the cold and the rain on a newly inflated tyre.  Fat bottomed girls have nothing on me.