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Quincunx: Tough Gig

This is today’s horrorscope. I can’t see the difficult aspect, but I can feel it alright.

Your two key planets are warrior Mars and ruthless Pluto. These tough planets are in a difficult quincunx aspect today, requiring you to tone down your message. Manage your overall energy carefully, for not everyone has the ability to match your intensity. Your passionate nature is a blessing, but sometimes it can feel like a curse. There’s no reason to be afraid of your own emotions; however, it’s a good idea to respect the boundaries of those who are.

Today’s Horoscope

I am still faffing about with my assignments. I swing from stroppy teenager to nutty professor on an hourly basis. Apologies to anyone (and there are a few) who has had to put up with me recently. It seems like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel…

Hard work doesn’t intimidate you, and you might even be looking forward to showing others what you can do now. Luckily, you have an ace up your sleeve and could surprise anyone who thinks you might fail. You are capable of being productive beyond everyone’s expectations today. Don’t be concerned about receiving positive feedback; the rewards will be well worth the wait.

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A Sunday Horror Scope

By Rick Levine
The Moon’s conjunction with your key planet Pluto can heat up your emotional core. It’s as if you are a volcano whose internal pressure has been increasing and it’s a good idea to consider how to let the lava flow without waiting for an inevitable eruption. Take responsibility for your feelings without spewing them onto others. But remember that exerting too much self-control can intensify your emotions. When in doubt, choose the most practical approach for now.

This time last week I was dreading Monday. It turned out Monday was worth dreading. And so was Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Saturday promised much and delivered only a little by way of each way compensation and as for today…

Well I had a lovely day out, but, how could those rotten stewards take away the 1000 Guineas from Jacqueline Quest? I had no pecuniary interest by this point having fallen head over heels for Seta, but Henry Cecil and Noel Martin should have kept the race. The filly was named after Mr Martin’s late wife, that was a story. There’s more, including how Mr Martin is stuck in a wheelchair after a Neo-Nazi attack. Now we have a story, but the wrong one.

I’ll stop there now as I don’t want to spew forth any more of my volcanic eruptions onto the blog’s unsuspecting passing traffic. I also need to stop and work out how I “choose the most practical approach” for letting the lava flow.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Move aside before you turn to pumice.

Jacqueline Quest nearside / Special Duty