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Bagdad Cafe

It’s a funny old film that I had forgotten I had seen. I have never forgotten this song, Calling You, from it though. It’s haunting.

Sung by Jevetta Steele on the soundtrack, I am more familiar with the jazz singer Ian Shaw’s interpretation. Having listened to them all again, I think I am favouring this acoustic version by Jeff Buckley tonight.

A coffee machine that needs some fixing

For the London Sorority: Ian Shaw does Joni Mitchell

Here you two, remember the trips to see Ian @ the Vortex? And were either of you in da house when Seal popped in in that big old ankle-length ethnic knit? Not much by Ian on the old You Tubester, so this will have to do. Oh and don’t forget all that Heavy Metal and Folk Vinyl over the road in that second-hand record shop (what was it called?), notwithstanding the fact I found it cheaper to borrow it from the library and forget to take it back. Ever…