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Lurkers Welcome!

Indeed encouraged. Without lurkers there would be no “views”. I don’t even aspire to “comments” any more, I am content with “views”. Ok 17 views over the period of 11 months is not wetting-myself material but 2 views the day before yesterday nearly is!

As you will see around 90% of you are mild observers, 9% are intermittent interjectors and only the very exclusive 1% contribute regularly. Actually this pyramid reflects virtual communities that have a more interactive element, like forums. For the more inert blogging community the actual breakdown is more like 95% / 5% and a shockingly miniscule 0.1 for people who actually write something i.e. “comment”.

I can’t do the math but even my small brain can work out I could be blogging into the next millennium before I achieve “comment” status (no spam doesn’t count!).

So welcome lurkers, sincerely welcome. Put your virtual feet up whilst I make you a drink. Relax and enjoy. You never know when the 0.1% effect might kick in!