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Yesterday something went on with the computer. First it wouldn’t connect to the internet, preferring to remain in a state of permanently ‘acquiring network address.’ Today, I noticed it had also changed the time by an hour. The two things probably aren’t connected, but who knows. I did all the usual stuff to fix it: turned off the router, checked the wireless connection settings, blah blah blah. Then this evening I had a fiddle. I got into the C:\WINDOWS dialog box and I started typing stuff in. I had noticed that the wireless connection had somehow dropped its IP address down the back of the sofa. I tried a few other things – releasing and renewing the ipconfig (whatever that is) and eventually, after I had apparently unsuccessfully twiddled everything whilst trying to set up a new wireless connection – the old one found where it lived in the world wide web, and all was well again.

I like fixing things. I think it’s in the genes.

That reminds me, the central heating timing box was rewired with myself as chief electrician this winter – needs must after a busted valve on the system. Best get it replaced this summer – all two days of it…

Here’s one of the days of summer I made earlier.