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Gaudi, Barcelona

A dear friend just returned from a weekend visit and I was lucky enough to get Spanish biscuits, la galleta, and chocolate, el chocolate.  Of course a lot of her weekend was taken up with Gaudi architecture and, looking at all her photos, I was very struck by all the natural forms and the tactile nature of the materials.  I think this is a detail from exterior of the Gaudi museum and it truly is a very sensual thing of beauty, something that most architecture with all its hard edges and angles does not often achieve. I asked if I could use this photo on the blog because I love it.

It beautifully captures the quality of architecture that is not just provocative, but evocative.


Photo by K. Moore

Photo by K. Moore

I’ll be back…

In the meantime I am leaving the blog being minded by these two lads. I like to call them the Mitchell Bruvvers.

Nobody make any sudden moves, alright?