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Good Neighbour

I thought that there was something incredibly evocative about these photographs when I found them, whilst looking at houses and land for sale in Ireland. Like my roses from yesterday’s post, words are not enough to fill the spaces left by the people that lived here.

I guess you just have to take a look and feel it for yourself.

Photos taken from this property at the Green Valley Properties website.

Master McGrath

For me, greyhound racing is even purer than horse racing, given that the outcome is up to the dogs. Running left-handed round an oval is one thing, but the Waterloo Cup where points are won on the turns the dog makes in pursuit is a fascinating spectacle.

The great Irish greyhound Master McGrath came to England to win the Waterloo Cup three times in the late 1800s, besting the England bitch the White Rose in the process and earning a summons to Windsor Castle from Queen Victoria.

This is an Irish song, using the vehicle of the great Master McGrath’s victory over the English bitch to have a little patriotic dig at the old enemy. And who can deny them that pleasure? I say that with a drop of Irish Manogue blood coursing through my own veins.