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Farewell Stan

Fine Irish Wolfhound, and one of Rudi the Lurcher’s tiny handful of friends. He will be much missed – pictured here on the water meadow with one of those doing most of the missing: his owner.

Buried on the good Suffolk land where the willow lies.


Brotherly Love

We have featured Kevin (common cat) and Stan (Irish Wolfhound) on the blog before and it is a winter-warming visual pleasure to do so again. Last time I think they were idling by the fire reading Heat magazine. This time they are contemplating Life, The Universe and Everything.
I can see that age has made philosophers of them both. Stan has been really ill this year so it’s good to see the back of his head looking in such fine fettle *insert smiley*

We are spending Christmas with them both if all goes to plan; it looks like there’s going to be a fight for a space round the hearth…

Kevin & Stan

Kevin is the rather idiosyncratic cat and Stan is the Irish Wolfhound. They live with my step-sister in Suffolk.

I am not sure what they are reading there.

Who Da Man?

Vic & Stan on the water meadow

Well if this picture emailed to me yesterday by my oldest step-sister is anything to go by – Stan is the Man.

Some will say it is and always was the great Arkle, but now the very brave official handicapper, Phil Smith, is reassessing the whole Arkle rating thang. If Arkle’s rating is correct then on this last Boxing Day he would have come home a full 21 lengths to the good of Kauto Star….

Our Vic’s Stan, an Irish Wolfhound, is one magnificent looking curiosity and if you check out the colour picture and article about Arkle and his rating here you can hardly fail to think the same.