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Forget Goodwood

Looks like a pig of a day to me. I might be tempted to back Henry’s wronged Jacqueline, but that is it. Maybe.

Now, to the terrible tank news. I reported the missing snail a week or so ago. The good news is, it is no longer missing. The bad news is that it was found dead and calcified on the floor behind the tank. The other bad news is that the snail that kept rolling around on its back was actually rolling around on its back for good reason. I left it on the rock a few days ago, but it didn’t move, so when faced with one dead snail I decided to be brave and check the other for life. At first, when I picked it up, I was heartened. It recoiled into its shell when I poked it. I did it again to be sure. Could you imagine if I had buried it alive? Anyway, on the second occasion it recoiled further and then plopped out in a decayed smelly jelly mess. Nice.

What have we done?

Hard to tell they have turned up their toes


The calcification of the escapee is not hard to understand. Escapes to a dark corner, is not missed quickly enough and dies before search party is even despatched. The other snail demise is harder to work out, more a reflection on my mollusc-keeping abilities. Did it starve? Given my obsession with weekly water changes and the greedy angel fish there would hardly have been much food going. I thought they would snack on the plants.

I prefer to think it died of a broken snail heart when its companion escaped. Whatever, I do feel a bit culpable. Knowing something like this was bound to happen hardly softens the blow. 😩


Noel Martin whose horse won the 1000 Guineas

Before the stewards took it away in the room that applies the Rules of Racing in a less than equitable way at times.

I am sure Khalid Abdullah would have got over the disappointment.

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A Sunday Horror Scope

By Rick Levine
The Moon’s conjunction with your key planet Pluto can heat up your emotional core. It’s as if you are a volcano whose internal pressure has been increasing and it’s a good idea to consider how to let the lava flow without waiting for an inevitable eruption. Take responsibility for your feelings without spewing them onto others. But remember that exerting too much self-control can intensify your emotions. When in doubt, choose the most practical approach for now.

This time last week I was dreading Monday. It turned out Monday was worth dreading. And so was Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Saturday promised much and delivered only a little by way of each way compensation and as for today…

Well I had a lovely day out, but, how could those rotten stewards take away the 1000 Guineas from Jacqueline Quest? I had no pecuniary interest by this point having fallen head over heels for Seta, but Henry Cecil and Noel Martin should have kept the race. The filly was named after Mr Martin’s late wife, that was a story. There’s more, including how Mr Martin is stuck in a wheelchair after a Neo-Nazi attack. Now we have a story, but the wrong one.

I’ll stop there now as I don’t want to spew forth any more of my volcanic eruptions onto the blog’s unsuspecting passing traffic. I also need to stop and work out how I “choose the most practical approach” for letting the lava flow.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Move aside before you turn to pumice.

Jacqueline Quest nearside / Special Duty