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Sea The Stars bows out

One man and his horse

One man and his horse

John Oxx has just announced the decision that his colt has run his last race.

My instant reaction was to cheer and huge relief.

Mr Oxx has not put a foot wrong where his superstar is concerned. He has planned everything with meticulous care and concern for his horse. We are lucky that he had Sea The Stars and I am grateful for his wise and judicious nature.

If he were here, I would give him a hug.

Thank you John Oxx, your horse is the greatest, but you aren’t half bad yourself.

Back in the real world

I am shocked to see and hear that Sea The Stars’ marvellous exploits do not appear to warrant wall-to-wall coverage.  This comes as a shock to me – you mean the entire universe is not quite as obsessed as me?

Indeed the radio only mentioned him @ 8.30 (notice the break from usual rigid routine – that’s how earth-shattering events have been) in a brief sentence, after a long Lee Dixon ramble about the amazing new ball that they are playing with in The Premiership.  Apparently this may account for the goal-infested matches there have been lately.  If Mr Dixon is to be believed the ball can go any which way you wish to kick it…  Either that, he said, or no-one knows how to conduct a back four any more. 

Anyway, I don’t want the pantomime that is The Premiership intruding on my Sea The Stars aftermath, even if the media aren’t producing the lengthy paeans of praise I am after.  I expect a purchase of Racing Post will fix that later.  Please, please let Alistair Down write something I like for once.

I have been reading a lot about Sea The Stars and his victory and the Breeders’ Cup.  I am with Pat Eddery – he should do no more, there is nothing left to prove.  Yet, some correspondents are after more.  They suspect we have not yet found the bottom of the horse.  Why, I ask, would we want to?  Are we so greedy for more that we would pack him off to California, a long flight after a long, long season and then ask him to compete on polytrack, albeit in the most spectacular of settings.  If we demand that, he will either win or lose, or worse.  None of the possible outcomes could enhance his fame any more.  Mick Kinane said yesterday his coat has gone, he is becoming woolly.  This is a sure sign that it is time for us to let him go.  John Oxx has always said he will let the horse tell him where the next place to go will be.  I am sure he will be listening carefully over the next few weeks.

Urban Sea 1989-2009, (courtesy of Irish National Stud)

Urban Sea 1989-2009, (courtesy of Irish National Stud)